geht ab!!

Wir feiern die ganze Nacht! And we did! Another one in the books! First one was Sachsenring, second one was Le Mans, third one was Sachsenring, fourth one will be Sachsenring, fifth one will be Sachsenring, sixth one will be Sachsenring.. Well, you get the point. We’ll be back at Sachsenring!

Honestly we didn’t think we could top our first Sachsenring trip. That one was E.P.I.C. with big fat capitals.  And maybe we didn’t top the first trip, but this one was pretty damn good. Let me tell you all about it and maybe, just maybe you’ll consider heading to Sachsenring next year yourself. We know we will..

The route..

Starting off from my hometown of Bilthoven in the Netherlands. The plan was to leave on friday the 5th of july and return on monday the 8th. The route we planned was the one below. I heard cool thing about the Harz, so we thought about checking that out on the to the Sachsenring and drive the way back through the Eiffel.

Well…we didn’t. The route though the Harz was that cool that we decided to drive the same way back as we came. So below is the final route we drove.

The Harz Lodge. Excellent!!

So we left about 9.30 in the morning for a relaxed day on the road. All the time of the world so we could take it slow. And we did. The weather was good. The bikes were running smooth and we were in a good mood. We had a lot of fun through our Cardo’s. Starting at pairing them which we still don’t quite figured out.. We got to the Harz Lodge around the end of the day. Great stay for little money. We like that.

The rooms were nice and clean, the food was good and the people were friendly. Great stay and we’ll definitely come back there. On Saturday we left from the Harz Lodge tot the Sachsenring. Did I mention already it was around 30 degrees? Well it was, and that’s hot. So before going to the camping ground we decided to take a swim. That was not at all a bad idea. After we did some cooling’ of we went to the camping ground to get our tents up. And after that we left to the party ground to have a drink..

Wie heist die Mutter von Nikki Lauda?

Mamma Lauda, mamma Lauda!

Well, you had to be there I guess. But after a couple of drinks it all made perfectly sense at the time. 2 Years ago we almost missed the GP because of this party. This year we dedicated ourselves to an early get up. And we managed to do so, but not without getting to know some people and to party a bit.

On raceday we got up early and…wet. Weather was not at all good. It was raining so the test needed to be packed wet. We wanted to have all stuff packed before going to the race. That way we could immediately leave after te race so we could spend more time on the bike. It all worked out just fine. We drove back to the Harz Lodge to get our final beer of the weekend.

Another great weekend with friends in a beautiful country. And as said, we’ll be back and again es wird ab gehn!

Some picas..