More than just my car

June 2014 I purchased this beauty of a car. I was looking for something special and since I was a little boy and headed about the familiar that could run out a Porsche 911 I was impressed. So years later I decided to buy one. With my friend mechanic we searched for a good original RS4 and ended up in Staphorst with 2 car freak brothers. Since the purchase a lot has happened.

Already in jan 2012 things started going wrong when I had my Audi brought to Audi Van Beynum in Gouda (Netherlands) for a broken multibelt which ran of a few miles from home. After I got it back it used more fuel then before and the engine did’t run as smooth. I told the garage, but everything was ok they said. Long story short.

A 4 year lawsuit was the outcome and for the complaints of which they said everything was ok… The engine DID use more fuel then before as a result of severe damaged to the engine. And also there were lot’s of km’s missing or at least not driven by me. But not enough evidence for the judge so unfortunately I lost the lawsuit. I’ll never bring any car to that dealer again. That’s for sure..

After the lawsuit, the big question was what to do with the car. At the point I was that far that I could sell it and close this book, there was a fire in the stable where I parked the car during the lawsuit. Although many cars got lost in this fire, my RS4 survived it with just a few burning marks. For me that was the last push I needed to keep the car and have it overhauled. The moment I write this piece the car is just a few days (oct, 2017) from starting again after 5 years. You can imagine I’m excited.

This car represents more then just a big engine. It has put me in difficult situations with the lawsuit (trust me, this is not something you do easily, or at least not me) and make me have in doubt about several things. But now, years later it delivered me a brand new overhauled V6Biturbo engine with 380HP and made my friendship with my friend mechanic even stronger. Both of us hung in there to make this circle round again. Epic.

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