Didn’t even had the time to dump this on my blog. From Las Vegas we drove on to Page. A small place at the Lake Powel. A huge lake where people can start their boatride on the Colorado. We went to Page because we wanted to see the Antelope Canyon. Some caves with really cool lighting which is pretty amazing for taking pictures. It was a 7 hour drive from Las Vegas, but it was cool. We came through Zion National Park which was very nice.

The Antelope Canyon tour wasn’t quite what we expacted. The tour was only one hour and we had only 20 minnutes to take pictures. And with all the other tourists, it was difficult to really take your time and take your shots. So I was somewhat pissed off, because we spent 14 hours driving to see this. But driving through Zion National Park and to see the Las Vegas skyline at night made it worth the effort.

Check the pictures we took by clicking here or click on the photo…