A while ago one of my co-workers at Santon asked around about planning a snowtrip. You just don’t pass out on such a request so the trip was planned for last weekend. With around 15 people we headed towards the nice small village of Katschberg. We took off in a bus for over 50 people so legspace wasn’t an issue. After 12 hours of driving we arrived in this village of Katschberg. I never heared of it and it looked very, very small. When we came there we saw a lot of green trees, green gras and other stuff in other colors but white..

The place we stayed in was quite full with tourists so we figured that there was probably something we hadn’t seen yet. The actual ski slope was about 10 minute drive from our hotel and when we came there, things got whiter and whiter. There appeared to be snow off-piste for some extra fun!


The conditions were great. Especially when you consider it hadn’t been snowing for a while. The area was great in fact. Big enough for spending a couple of days without getting bored and small enough not to loose each other and to get from one point of the area to another. If you want to go on a trip for a weekend it’s a real good option!

Of course we made some nice picas and movies 🙂 There’s more to come from other people, but here something already!

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