Finally. New York has always been a wish of mine to go to. Finally, we went there on august 31, 2007. The first 5 days of our 3 weeks during holiday we spent in this great city. And we were not dissapointed. What a great city it is. Very busy, very big, very crowded, very warm and very exhausting.

After a 8 hour flight, we arrived at Newark airport. An airport were the employees are probably trained to be great assholes and they’re doing a great job at doing so. Before officially entering the States I already got seperated from my girlfriend to answer some stupid questions. This off course to avoid me from doing any terroristic actions 🙂 I was seperated in a chambre and had to answer all kinds of questions which I’m sure the average terrorist couln’t make up…(what do you do for a living, what company, where is it located etc. Real scary questions…)

Ans just 15 minutes laten in our first cab ride we got ripped off for 80 dollars for bringing us to our hotel. At the airport the price was set to 60 dollars, but at the hotel it was raised by 20 dollars, because 0f the 2 suitcases….right!! The YMCA at Central park was our hotel. Gotto have been there at least once in your lifetime don’t ya?! We were lucky the airconditioning was broke, so we got another and more expensive room for no extra charges. The first room and it’s shared facilities sucked big time. Luck for us there.

Of course we did all thing a tourist would do in New York. The Statue of Liberty, Empire state building, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Harlem, Brooklyn, Ground Zero, Financial District, Wallstreet. We visited all. A great way to explore the city are the on-and-off tours you can take. Another must do, is the boatride around Manhatten. You get to see things of Manhatten that are unexpected and pretty cool…nature!!

We were in New York for 5 days. Pretty short to get to know the city well, but long enough to see the highlights. Off course we took lotz of pictures. You can check them here of click on the photo below…