So here we are, back in our hometown Utrecht, the Netherlands. Flat as can be. It’s good to be home though after a great trip to Nauders. I can say it has been my best wintersport trip so far. How come? The location where we stayed was a huge part of it.

We left on friday the 25th from Utrecht. Since it was holiday in the Netherlands and both Germany and Austria also had holiday, there was a big mess predicted on the German autobahn. Especially towards the tunnels in the Austria. We didn’t want that so we left very early. Friday in the afternoon. And that was a good choice. The day after really was terrible we heard from friends who were also traveling to Nauders. We arrived around 5 o clock in the morning en slept a while in the car before going to the hotel. Checking in was just at 14.00 in the afternoon, so we had lots of time.

But around 8 o’clock when we woke up we just went to the hotel and got welcomed with open arms. The lady at Parditschhof offered us coffee and directly did the checking in. We could leave the luggage already in the hotel so we could leave for Nauders to have some breakfast, rent the ski’s for my girlfriend and get back to the hotel. In the meantime she had the time to clean the room.

The way she welcomed us and serviced us the whole week was just so warm. We immediately felt right at home at her place and really can recommend this place to anyone. It’s just outside of Nauders, so if you want a place right in the middle of all the action don’t bother coming here. if you want a place with the best view of and on Nauders, with the nicest hosts and without any doubt the most peaceful area, this is the place to be. (Check their website here for contactinfo etc..)

From the Parditschhof it’s about a 15 minute drive to the first slope from Nauders and about 30 minutes to Schoeneben. For us no problem, but not quite a ski-in and-out. The fact that when the rest of Nauders is already in the shade and this offers the possibility to still enjoy your beer at the sunny terrace makes you forget the extra driving really fast.

Innsbruck is a 1,5 hour drive from Nauders which is a very nice drive. We went there on our 3rd day to do some shopping and visit the Blue Tomato boardshop. Never was there before, so had to check it. It was actually smaller then I imagined, but still nice to have visited it.

On the 3rd and 4th day there was fresh pow which made our holiday complete. We already had the sun, but some freshness is always a good thing. Me and a friend did some offpiste boarding. Nothing to radical but just the feeling of surfing in fresh snow. Really nice and since it is a small area and me being a scary ass for snow slides, it’s good enough to go without a offsite guide.

So we had the best stay in town, sun and snow, a day of shopping, some offsite turns and the best Haxn evening we could imagine. If you wonder what that is, just go check it yourself someday 🙂

Check out our pics and the video capture. Maybe it helps you figure out whether you want to go there or not. Have fun and stay stoked!

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