This march, we went to Les Menuires for a week of snowfun. With a group of 12 people we took off in three fully packed cars towards France. We left at 6 in the morning and arrived around 6 in the evening. If it wasn’t for a damn traffic jam we would have arrived even earlier. It was a great week with lots falling and standing up again.

The house we got for the week was really kewl. It had 7 chambres, all with their own bathroom, a sauna, jacuzzi and even a fireplace in the center of the livingroom.

The first day we started off as reel rookies. I sat more on my but than I stood on my board. But the second day was already far better. The third day was really cool. Unfortunately I made a really nice crash which, I heared from the doctor when we got back to Holland, broke my rib.

So with quite some pain in my chest we continued the week snowboarding and it got really really kewl. I always heared people say that wintersport is great and I’m very glad to have experienced this!

The last couple of days there was lots of snow coming down which was great for us. I felt like 12 again with my skateboard sticking to my feet. Great!!

Since we only had our Nikon camera with us which is quite big we didn’t make lots of pics, but it’s enough for a nice impression 🙂

Check all the picas we took here…

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