Vancouver Island, we love you. Of all places on this earth where i’ve been (and there is still an awful lot to discover) this has been the most beautiful place. In it’s own way of course, because nothing beats the Alps, but still. The raw nature of Vancouver Island really impressed us.

We started our trip in Vancouver. The weather wasn’t that good so to be honest, this first impression was;t that good. In fact, when we arrived our mood was quite low, because our expectations were high and reality was disappointing. The first 3 days were rainy. We took the ferry to Vancouver Island. We left in the rain but during the day the weather was changing, the sun came through and things started to look brighter.

After driving a couple of hours we arrived at our campsite at WYA point just north of Ucluelet, the purest place on the planet. We went to the campsite, installed our tent and started our trip. At least, as soon as we got there it felt holiday really started off. The whale watching trip we did the first full day we were there was major impressive..

The next 3 to 4 days we only got to see the part between Ucluelet and Tofino. The nature, the people, the weather, all of it was great. And this was only one small part of the island so we definitely have to go back there one time.

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