Muurschildering Brandweer Woudenberg

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Muurschildering Brandweerkazerne Woudenberg Toen wij ons huis wilden laten verbouwen kwamen wij in contact met een architect ( Het leek ons een goed plan, hoe leuk in ontwerpen ook vindt, een professional te laten kijken naar ons vraagstuk. En dit bleek een goede keuze. De uitbouw als ook de [...]

Hey!! Das geht ab!!

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Hey! Das geht ab!! Wir feiern die ganze Nacht! And we did! Another one in the books! First one was Sachsenring, second one was Le Mans, third one was Sachsenring, fourth one will be Sachsenring, fifth one will be Sachsenring, sixth one will be Sachsenring.. Well, you get the [...]

Epic trip to the MotoGP Sachsenring 2017

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Epic trip to the MotoGP Sachsenring 2017 Bike riders will know the feeling. The craving for long trips vs the limited amount of free days and money in combination with lots of other obligations throughout the year. But when you're a bike owner, you just want to ride long [...]

New STAFF website online

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eHRM for better performance The first of march I started working at my new job as managing director of a software company. A small organization focussed developing software for improving productivity. The organization is a B-type organization or at least is focussed to become one. Much focus on its social responsibility. Great opportunity [...]

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