My first canvas in 2018,

tastes for more…

My goals for 2018 exists out of doing more stuff I love and see people I love more often. So when my girlfriend was about to turn 40 I thought it was a good idea to give her something special. I went to my parents for 3 a couple of days to make her this canvas. My mother really loves to paint and has all the gear I needed. Plus I was able to combine things. Seeing the ones I love more and creating something cool. so that was fun.

I hadn’t really done anything with painting in years, so for me it was quite a challenge to come up with something cool. Many, many years ago me and my girlfriend back then went to the Groninger Museum to a graffiti exhibition from the artist Seen. One piece really stood out for me and already back then I wanted to create something similar.

So with this, in my opinion, masterpiece in mind I started sketching.

And I’m quite proud of the result if I may say so. It was fun making this piece together with my mom. She helped me in the proces and took some action pics of me making this. The end result is exact what I had in mind. The colors rock and the canvas hangs just right above our diner table.

Check some pics behind the click..