Today my brother in law aka RaoulTurbo (proud owner of his own race Skoda. Quite cool I might add..) made some real progress on my bug. Since my bug is a 6 volt machine we needed a converter to put in a car stereo. So it took a while before I bought this thing. First I tried to save myself the € 100,- and find one on the internet, but unfortunately I bought the wrong one (2 amp vs 10 amp). Thing costed me € 40,- So that didn’t work :-s

Eventually I got one at volksrepairs. Still costed me the € 100,- so all the waiting for nothing and even more expanses than necessary 🙁 But the good news is that it works really good. So where in business! Radio works, so the heart of my bug is boomin’.

But before we put in the radio we figured it would be nice to give the whole inside some attention. My doorpanels were hanging loose about a year now (since I bought it) and the bottom was a bit rusty. So we started en really did some nice work!