I always wake up with the morning news on the tv. This morning it was different as usual. The last night the was a major fire in a stabling of campers and cars. For a second I hoped it was’t the one where my car was stashed, but when they said it was in an old orchid nursery the options fell to one… Damn!

As if I hadn’t had enough drama on my car. I went there to see the damage and the centre of the fire appeared to be located where my car stood at the time. The first day I couldn’t get to my car because od the danger of roof pieces of glass falling down, but 2 day’s later I got to visit the place. And how lucky I am!

The only thing that got heat was the license plate and the rest of the car is dirty, but considering the damage 3 meters in front of my car I can only consider myself very lucky.

There were some nice cars over there that are completely destroyed. I feel very sorry for the guys over there who spend lots of time, effort and money in building those dreams..