Last weekend we went to Budel. A weekend packed with amazing cars and busses. The weather forecast wasn’t great but we hoped for the best. Because Celine had to work the dayshift on saturday we left around 4 in the afternoon and were just in time for the BBQ which Richard allready prepared.

After the BBQ we took some drinks en walked around the campingside the get a first impression of the rides this year. And every year my eyeballs pop out because of the great cars and busses who come to Budel.

On sunday, when we wake up, the weather was all bad. I was allready wet before a had the chance to take a shower and even before I had my first cup of coffee!! That was bad all over. But after an hour or 2 the clouds slowly dissapeared and even the sun came through. After 4 hours I was sweaty en my head was burned. The sun was there allright..

We had a great day watching all the vehicles…check them out

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