Hi there and welcome here at my internet homebase.
I’m Dutch based and passioned about marketing, brands, (street)art, Nike Air Max, (online) media, gadgets, cars and bikes, travelling, design, (product)development, boardsports, beats and rhymes, movies, people and pretty much anything else that contributes to a good life. Feel free to hook up if you have any questions or have got something to share, ’cause those who can’t share can’t multiply!

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  • The Neverending Story. "Not that it matters, but yeeeessss."
  • Never Ending Story by anggatantama
  • ✧¸¸.• Street.Art •.¸¸✧ ະ✧MadnessintheMethod✧ະ #streetart
  • 2015 is starting well for Farid Rueda which somehow already managed to complete four large-scale murals on the streets of Mexico DF, Queretaro and Coyoacán in Mexico. Entitled "Scream", "TECOLOTL", "Cantos de Color" or "Coyohuacan", the Mexican muralist dropped some impressive animal-themed pieces which are sure to brighten the residents' neighborhood. 2/10/15
  • Eelco van den Berg aka "Virus" for bushwickcollective in Bushwhack, Brooklyn, NYC, 2015
  • Eelco van den berg
  • Wall paints, Muurschilderingen, Peintures Murales,Trompe-l'oeil, Graffiti, Murals, Street art.: Rotterdam - Netherlands Eelco van den Berg
  • Eelco van den Berg for Kingsofcolors festival in Den Bosch, Netherlands, 2019
  • eelco_cat_berlin
  • cute black cat by pinkmew
  • Andrea Bernagozzi - Picture gallery
  • IKEA Voxtorp cabinets (no hardware)
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